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my job is programming,
and my interest is entrepreneurship.
I might be a confused person.

My personal advice on how to steal like an artist

She’s the One – Robbie Williams
Mad World – Gary Jules
Killing Me Softly – Fugees
Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
Red Red Wine – UB40
We’re Going to Ibiza – Vengaboys
Sailing – Rod Stewart

These are all covers, and they all went to UK’s #1.
Don’t forget that it’s often all about your personal touch.

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Doing it the hard way

My door handle broke today. The way I fixed it was hilarious. Possibly the hardest way possible.

After disassembling the handle, I’ve realized that one part has scattered into pieces.  Something called “Tubular Mortice Door Latch”. Quick eBay search gave me this:

Exactly what I need! But before placing an order I was given a size option of 64mm or 75mm. And here I was, sitting in the kitchen, needing a ruler for the first time since High School!

I was sure I had none. Taking a quick look at my body parts, I couldn’t remember if any of them was 75mm. I started to inspect anything that was around me. Nothing helped. And then I looked back at my computer screen. Oh! Bingo & Eureka! The screen! My mind started to rattle around.

MacBook has a 13.3-inch screen, which is 33.78cm. The resolution is 1280×800. Screen width to height ratio then is 1280/800=1.6. And it is rectangular! Which brings me to good ol’ Pythagorean theorem:

c2 = a2 + b2

And since the screen ratio is 1.6 we get

c2 = a2 + (1.6a)2
c2 = 3.56a2
a = sqrt( 33.78 * 33.78 / 3.56 ) = 17.9

So the height of the screen is 17.90cm, therefore the width is 1.6 times wider. Which makes it 28.64cm at 1280px.

Next moment the Photoshop was opened and I was asked to enter the width of a new document. I needed 75mm, so I’ve entered this 7.5 * 1280 / 28.64 = 335px.

It matched! With 335px width document, I instantly knew which door latch size to choose. 

I’ve ordered it and started laughing. The way I’ve calculated it was absurd. Have I just measured an object in the most geeky way? It took me 15 minutes! Sure there was a better way. I looked down at the desk. All calculations were done on simple squared paper. And as we all know two squares makes 1cm. Moreover, at the bottom of the page was a ruler!

Yep, think twice! Solving it the hard way might seem as a fun thing to do. But I’m sure there are funnier ones.

There is no such thing as “this is easy to do”

Two guys made this fascinating time-lapse video of Vilnius.

Like with everything fascinating, I get very jealous. I want to do similar stuff myself. How did they do it? – I ask myself. The answer is always obvious. In this case it is:

  1. Buy any photo camera. The one for $200 will do.
  2. Take lots of pictures.
  3. Merge the pictures using software into a video. The software will crop pictures to correct the handshake and you will have the similar result. Which is fascinating.

It is very easy to make such a video. The same goes with a lot of things. It is easy to program that app, it is easy to write that book, it is easy to get fit. The hard part is when it comes to actually doing it. It is easy to write similar blog post, but can you actually do it?

Just completed my new CV

Here it is, a CV of a curious web developer.

And here I am, sitting alone in the room. Last year I’ve made a resolution:

want to live forever? Break your habits.

Which I have followed. I’ve graduated from University, I’ve broke up a 3 year relationship with my girlfriend, I’ve finished my 4 year career at a brilliant agency IDEA. And I’ve moved to another country. And for what? Just to live forever? No. I did all that because I had asked myself the following question:

If I had a chance to live my life over, what would I do differently?

Then I wrote down a sincere answer. And I couldn’t believe it. It read to me nothing I was doing at the time. It read the following.

I would fall in love. I would climb mountains and swim rivers. I would film my life. I would travel to uncertainty. I would eat tasty food. I would take much less with me. I would slow down. I would be here now, not a day ahead.

So I did. I have fallen in love and climbed mountains.

I swam rivers.

I’ve bought Interrail tickets and traveled without a destination.

I packed everything I need into single suitcase.

And now when I ask myself the same question, I get a very different answer. But it is not because I am not happy. I am. It is because this is a right question to ask. To make you happy and to keep you this way.


BTW. I’ve also filmed everything.

Anti-procrastination inspiration

I have just found my first anti-procrastination cure. Which is more effective than Pomodoro Technique, Concentrate App, Ship It and Many thoughts on Motivation.

And it is not even about motivation or productivity. It’s about life. The one that is FINITE.

Treatable, curable, survival odds, margins, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation. Someone else’s problems, someone else’s words. The biopsy came back the next day. Those words became my own. I do not know all of what’s ahead. I know a little. I know that there is a new kind of life on the other side of this thing. A changed mind and body. A new appreciation of time, and breath, and health, and life, and loved ones.

Here it is, a honest piece by Xeni Jardin. The diagnosis is inevitable, start doing meaningful things now.

It is not possible to learn from the mistakes of others

Bismark von Otto used to say: “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. Forget it! It’s fancy sounding, but it’s a complete science fiction.

Don’t ignore your choices, just because someone else has already chosen them and failed.  Treat it as theory, but don’t get limited to it. Always do the practice.

Employers always prefer experience in addition to your diploma. The diploma theory is not enough. It have taught you about the mistakes of others, but you still need to do them. To get experience. To learn what you are still missing. To learn from your own mistakes.

Getting things done equation

Companies are really good at getting things done. If they have a goal, they will turn it into a project. If they have a project, they will know how to act. Once they do there will be a result. The sum is simple:

Goal + Project + Doing = Result

Project management, strategic decisions, goal specifications are the variables that causes all the struggle. But once a company get those right, there is no problem in doing the work and achieving the result.

Everything goes the opposite way, when a person tries to get some things done. Humans are perfectly capable of dreaming up perfect goals, something they truly want or need. It is also easy to be good at project management. The process is so personal and so lean, that you can hardly make a management mistake. But when it comes to doing stuff, it often becomes hard to add it to the equation. Thus the equation turns to be:

Goal & Project & Work = Result

You are spending time evaluating Goal and Project, but if Work is never there, the time is wasted. This is a wrong equation. To get things done, always use logical operators. If the Work is never there, don’t waste your time evaluating Goal and Project.

Work && Goal && Project = Result

Daylight saving time

Retreating the clock for one hour always feels great. All the disputes on the benefits and drawbacks of DST goes worthless, once you wake up on Sunday morning and get that extra hour. The joy of saving time is there, instantly and effortless.

What if this joy could be achieved every day?

For me it takes 30 minutes to get to work. If I moved closer, I could be saving an hour per every workday. The same as experiencing the joy of retreating the clock for one an hour. Today it is really easy to imagine, how good should saving time feel. Very good! Then why not to do it now?

A Moment of Technology Silence

This morning there was an natural urge to honor Steve Jobs. Everyone took their time to think about the achievements of a great human being. To inspire ourselves with positive thoughts.

In our office at IDEA we wanted to show our respect by a moment of silence. By turning off all our iPhones, iPads and the devices we love for a moment of technology silence.

Thank You.


A Moment Of Technology Silence

Typekit Cashing Out

Typekit guys have cashed out today. And I’m jealous. I bet the price was pretty solid.
I remember, when I have first tried their service in 2009. My impression was: “wow, it works!”. Not only in technological aspect. It felt that the business was a success. The niche and timing instantly became naturally clear. So all it took was two short years of their hard work until a financially rewarding acquisition by Adobe.
Meanwhile: I have graduated from Vilnius University and done two dozens of nice websites. Nothing really financially, nor emotionally rewarding. But I’m already stepping up.

Five star voting systems no longer work

They never used to.
Allowing users to rate your content or product seems like a promising filtering ability. It is not. YouTube used to allow people to rate the videos using five star system. And even despite millions of their users the filtering did not work. So they went with Facebook Like (and dislike) solution.
Opinions are too subjective to be objectively expressed in 5 star system. And yet I see (and create) plenty of web-shops that allows to rate their products. They are prone to a situation, when you have two really similar products having different ratings. They are different because some emotion based rating. Every one gets the better rated product while the other that is no worse never gets sold. And no one likes to have a product that is never sold or an article that is never read. Just because of non objective rating system.
It’s often easy to see the world as you want it, not as it is. Always take a second look.

Imagination is half chance

Janet Echelman makes fascinating sculptures out of light fiber. She was not a sculptor, nor she knew anything about it. But a combination of chance and effort allowed her to create some stunning art in the period of a two decades. Her story is on TED talks. I adored the story as much as her sculptures and as she mentioned Lithuania I had to share:

An Insight into “Internet Startups”

Joel Spolsky explains how “Internet Startups” actually work. An accurate explanation, when you think about it.

It’s as easy as that. Now, different Internet Startups have different rules governing which screens the words are copied to. The “email companies” require you to type, separately, a list of which people’s screens you want your words copied to. The “twitter” internet startup company lets the recipients of the words decide whose words they want copied onto their screens, but in exchange the typers of the words are only given a very tiny box in which they can only squeeze a few words. On The Facebook, the words are copied from one screen to another by mutual agreement of both parties who have a pre-arranged agreement, that can be terminated at any time and by either party, that all of party A’s typed words can be copied onto party B’s computer screen.

And there’s this comment for conclusion:

ok, ok, pictures, moving pictures, sounds and voices, and the result of a satellite-based triangulation that determines the person’s location on the surface of the planet to some degree of accuracy can also be, you know, copied from screen to screen according to various rules. And also some startups make it possible to turn on a very bright light on the back of your phone so that you can make your phone into a flashlight. Am I missing anything?

Great taste in execution

“Do you use WeTransfer? It’s a really good service for sending big files, no limits, no ads, no bullshit”. This is what I’ve heard last week. This is how WeTransfer gets recommended. This is what happens when you bring good taste to the execution of an idea. You have ads, but they are so stylish, that users do not even treat them as ads. You have limits, but they are not emphasized, so users feel limitless.

It only verifies the fact that execution is everything, while the idea is just a multiplier. If you can’t find good multiplier, then maybe you should focus on your brilliant execution.

It’s GREAT not to meet your plan.

The worst thing that happens when you meet your plan is that you no longer have it. You then have to spend your energy on making a new one. You worry about the scope. You limit your plan so you can meet it. If you’re lucky at guessing, you are able to meet it and start over.

The problem is that your speed is never faster than your plan!

So plan big and plan fearlessly. Plan is not a deadline, plan is meant for productivity.

Enjoy the inevitable work

Every single day we need to work, we need to work at work, to work at university, to work at home, to work at relationships, to work at family and at any other thing you can think of. And once you stop working, nothing good happens anymore (of course you might be lucky and win a pot, but don’t trust your luck too often, it comes too rarely).

Two things are clear. If working gives you pleasure, you really should feel like a happiest person on Earth. If your hobby stops satisfying you, then maybe you are not putting any work in it?

Go to work, you will feel much better.

Seth Godin pokes Lithuanians

He is my favorite thinker and I’ve been actively reading his thoughts for the last few years. One of the most sound phrases he loves to use is: ‘make a change’. Or with the recent book a re-branded one – ‘go, make a change’. He could have thought of something new, but he didn’t. Maybe it is because there’s still not enough of changes that should be made. The more we make, the better we become at breaking habits and starting something important. And as an old saying goes: Want to live forever? Break your habits!

So it kept me wondering, how does he know what impact on the world he makes? If he keeps it doing, then he must be definitely aware of the initiatives that are started because of his hard work. And those must be fascinating stories.

It took two years, to experience first Seth’s impact on Lithuania. Last Friday, at the annual internet conference Login held in Vilnius, a honorable speaker Vladas Lašas, took out a box of poke-the-box and spread the word. I was really surprised and happy. Happy because something worth spreading is being spread in Lithuania.

Poke The Box

Seth Godin was right, again

He was trying to convince me that nowadays people are being thought what they needed 100 years ago. Which is – how to fit in and follow rules, how to become an rock-star factory worker.

I believe him even more after seeing the 1869 MIT entrance exam. It is something exactly the same I was being tough to solve when entering Vilnius University in 2007, 138 years later.  You might say that this is a fine way to check the fundamentals of mathematical thinking. Maybe it was, but not any longer. Something out-of-date cannot always be treated as classics. Unfortunately it often does.

PS. My best speech seen on TED is about this issue.

The right thing to want

Have you ever found yourself in such situation:

Linchpin: Do you want it or not?
Lizard: Yes, but it is not the right thing to do!
Linchpin: If you want it, then it is the right thing to do!

It does not matter what you should want, what really matters – is what you truly want!